Waterfalls & Towers: Cooling the Middle East

The debate and continuous needs for innovative solutions to cool the Middle East’s hot climate are constant. The weather comes up in most conversations especially on a 50 – 55 degree (celsius) scorching day in the middle of August. Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has recently portrayed what seems to be a new design of a tower cooled by waterfalls “that make up a commercial complex and observatory towers set by the sea in an anonymous Middle Eastern city (Inhabitat points to Doha, Qatar, but a request for confirmation from Fujimoto’s firm went unanswered).” – FastCo

However before heading off and speaking a little about the odd design (which in personal opinion doesnt seem feasible from an economic sense, or a practical one – and let’s not start about the sustainable approach) – what worries me is the the rendering as seen below. It worries me that Gulf countries are still conveyed in renders such as these – with what will seem to be unbelievably expensive and luxurious towers, and portrayed with a camel at the very front. Our renders in design need to accurately depict the present-day culture. I personally dont remember ever seeing a camel “parked” in front of any of the malls in Kuwait, Dubai, or Qatar as the render depicts.


“The low-level Souk Mirage/Particles of Light commercial complex would feature retail, residential, and office space, plus atria, courtyards, and a plant-filled plaza, according to Fujimoto’s proposals for the project, while the taller Outlook Tower, located near the waterfront at the end of a large avenue, will have an observation deck and plaza.”




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