Tour Paris 13

“Habitat de la Sablière” is a low-income housing project that is set for demolition by 2014 to be replaced with seven new buildings. Mehdi Ben Cheikh, the owner of a Parisian art gallery came up with the idea of turning the residential tower into a temporary Street Art exhibition. 100 visual artists were invited to showcase their artworks on the facade and indoors of the building. Very proud to know that seven of the participated artists are from the Middle East region:

From Saudia Arabia: Aous / Azooz / Maryam / Maz  
Tunisia: eL Seed / Shoof
Iran: Alone (or A1one)

Here are some random photos from the instagram gallery #tourparis13 


The exhibition entry is free for public, and it will be open untill the 31st of October.

Visit Tour Paris 13 Website: Click Here

Here is a video teaser for the exhibition: 


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