Five Steps: On How To “Be”

         Confidence is one of the most essential qualities that each and every individual is required to possess in order to achieve his goals in life; no matter what they are. To be highly successful, appropriately esteemed, and easily capable of being a person who walks through the crowd with his head kept up high; you must first acquire your self-confidence

The healthy animal grooms. Take care of your appearance.” American proverb”

Some people claim that physical appearance isn’t a significant factor in a person’s character. On the contrary, physical appearance is the most important aspect when it comes to first impressions. When the eyes are first set on someone, nothing is more obvious than his exterior look which, in fact, manifests at least some of his inner qualities. In addition, one should be feeling comfortable with his very own self. Being relaxed or tension is mostly revealed through the eyes, which are truly the windows to the inner soul. Yet, this initial impression isn’t the one that lasts on a long term; it is only the key that opens the door.

Advice: Don’t use the key to unlock the wrong door.

Not everyone who chased a zebra, caught it, but he who caught it, chased it. “African proverb”

Everything is worth a try. Mostly we assume we do know everything we are capable of; which is INcorrect. If you have 10 things to do and you select 5 which, “you” believe, are the only ones that match your abilities, how would you ever know you can’t do it all if you didn’t even give it a try. Being qualified is an acquired matter. To know, you have to learn & to do, you should be totally confident that you “can” get things done.

Advice: Select your target and seek it out!

Have confidence that if you have done a little thing well, you can do a bigger thing well too. “American saying”

Achieving success is certainly hard but keeping success is twice as hard. At first, you take care of your appearance, crossing the first step. Next, lifting your feet up for the second step; you seize chances. Subsequently, you seek SUCCESS; devoting all your senses for this one and only aim. Then comes the hard part which on surface looks like the relieving point but on a closer observance, this is where the hard work starts. That hard part is attaining success, or is it maintaining it? Typically, there’s always a blinding aspect about prosperity and success. Reaching this point of “I finally did it” is fantastic but it could also be very intriguing because it makes you live and re-live the moment, forgetting all about how to keep it, and before you even notice, it brings your happiness to an end and you suddenly discover you have been living a memory that you didn’t know how to prolong.

Advice: Have a firm grasp on your achievements.

A bad workman always blames his tools. “American Proverb”

No doubt that failure is an awful experience. Everyone has, at least, one moment in which he thinks to himself “I’m a big failure, I’m not good at anything”. The one huge mistake here is simply the narrow angle through which you perceive yourself. It’s like building an extremely high block that separates all your recognizable accomplishments away from this moment of disappointment. That towering obstruct can be a split second that you may use as an instructive point or a destructive one. Some people go into a stage of denial; being convinced that other people, or circumstances, obstructed their success and caused that distressing failure experience. Big Mistake!

Advice: Don’t lose faith in yourself. Learn from your mistakes!

Leadership is action, not position
.” American saying”

Life doesn’t always seem to be fair; every now and then it also happens to be very tricky. Sometimes you think you are not in a position to do this or that, while in fact, you are right there but you don’t see it or, at least, you are not exactly situated in the place that would lead you to your intended position. It’s always about action. You just have to believe that wherever you are, you can bring your best game and be what you want to be; a successful person.

Advice: Use what you have to get what you lack.

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