Thinking outside the “BOX”



As designers, we are all taught at some point, to think OUTSIDE THE BOX.

I never really grasped  the idea of THE BOX; what is THE BOX? Where does it come from? How big is THE BOX, and does it actually exist? Thinking outside the box is an ideal space the average designer has created in order to estimate the parameters of logic versus abstract creativity.

Everyone’s box is different, everyone has a box of that which is relevant to his/her standards, cultural background, perspective, social atmosphere, etc.. which automatically makes the IDEA of the box, your box, unique.

As a university student, the result of my design was highly subjective. I would always ask myself “what makes my design, any less creative then anyone else’s?” The truth is, that evaluating the thought process behind an idea is the path to creativity, and only then can we start to see the so called “BOX” of which they speak of.

This is when you truly begin to face the challenge as a designer, and start evaluating weather the design of your work or the concept behind it is more important than the other. It becomes sort of a tug of war competition, and questions like “am I being too abstract,” “is my idea clear enough,” start arising. Design is placing a BOX, a kind of transparent parameter around the concept of your work, and allowing yourself to be on the outside looking in. You are able to see the BOX, whilst being visually and creatively away from it. The concept is the starting point of any design animosity, you as a designer just have to be in control of your BOX, without letting the BOX take control of you. Only in such circumstances will design suffocate and suffer as a result, making your design both visually and conceptually weak in regards to anyone else’s. Anyone can seek to admire a work of art, but so many artists have come a long way into questioning art, which is the daily challenge of any designer.

I came across so many ideas, concepts, and admirably visual implications; but it is only when your design and concept are at an equilibrium does it truly succeed. Every success story has a concept, even when you least anticipate it.


Tina Balaa

Author & Creator of The Middle East’s Most Visually Creative;

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