Product Design X 3D Printing Workshop

Workshop Name: Product Design x 3D Printing Workshop

Dates | الفترة
March 22-26th , 2015

Time: 5:00pm until 7:00pm (2 hours)

Venue | مكان الدورة
yourAOK Hub
Kuwait City, Mubarak AlKabeer St., Derwaza 51 Tower, Floor 15

Instructors | المدربين
Reem Hachim & Abdullah Al Hussainan

Workshop Description | محاور الدورة

3D printing gives everyday consumers the power of manufacturing. It turns digital files into physical objects by building them layer by layer. product design. The power of bringing your ideas into reality and feel them with your own hands, and this is a dream becoming true to a designer. This workshop will show you how you can use 3D printing to prototype your concepts and what are the technicality and different types of 3D printing. We will show you how we use 3D printing in making our furniture concepts.

To Register | للتسجيل


Pre-requisite | المتطلبات
Get some recycled material for the competition (last 3 days).
Workshop Schedule | جدول الورشة
Day1: 3D Printing Cool! How it works?
– Intro to 3D printing & Materials
3D printing examples
3D printing from the software point of view, A live demo.
Day2: 3D Punched Furniture 
Furniture design with 3D printing by example
Furniture materials; recycle
What’s next (We will talk about the next 3 days)
Day3-5: The Competition & A Jury
Participants will think about their furniture pieces and how to add a 3D printed element to the design, using recycled materials they will make their furniture pieces.
A mini Jury of 1 hour will be held to choose a winner. The winner will get to 3D print his 3D design.
About The Furnition:

Welcome to the inner working of our minds.”The”Furnition” came from 2 wording combining them together, which are functional + furniture = Furnition. Design within reach of warmth & simplicity with a dash of drama.

Where technology meets art“ While 3D printing meets reality, and designers meet their desire and passion of art in furniture design. The idea of The Furnition came up while redesigning a meeting room and using different materials and testing out different kind of methods of building furniture, light fixture, etc. Trying to find new items and different designs in Kuwait industry was limited and wasn’t the designs we had in mind. The idea came from there to start a business designing new concept of furniture with new trends and style.

3D printing became a gateway into reality, using the term reality computing to encompass an emerging set of workflows around the data required by 3D printing using digital tools to create new knowledge and new designs, and being able to deliver digital information into the physical world. 3D printing is directed towards the hardware, the materials that we are using in our furniture art pieces.

The Furnition is a simple, functional design with 3D printing twist. Carrying a new concept of materials and designs, that will expand Kuwait industry into a next level of creativity. The materials we are using for designs are reclaimed, oak, chevron wood and the mixture of metal and 3D printed parts. In the upcoming designs we will expand our industry into new materials. “If you love it, buy it otherwise someone else will.”

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