An Obscure Thought Series #1

“Homelessness – An Urban Nomadic Tribe created by Cities – Part I




*This body of text is personal to nature, not to be taken, misunderstood, or taken out of context. They are thoughts, rants, topics, ideas or issues that I think to myself or discuss with others, to point out or grasp a certain situation not to propose radical solutions or anything of those sort.*

Kuwait City


What is homelessness – it’s by definition the state or condition of having no dwelling –.


It’s a part of society that most shun, avoid or stare away from; not allowing that singular thought to cross their mind. As it may depress, show grievance or ruin their day, it’s a thought that we all want to avoid, and wish that we never get into this situation in our lifetime. Yet it is there, we can’t deny it yet we contribute, donate or help to help those less fortunate to avoid that outcome. These homeless exist as part of the city, yet is it the city that brought them here?


Do these cities; subconsciously or consciously take into consideration the existence of homeless, whom move about their cities. Does the city allow them to live off a so-called thriving urban environment?

A thriving urban environment provides amicable pedestrian space for sidewalks and bicycle lanes, designated corners for local carts or vending machines to be placed upon, small neighborhood parks for children to play during the day, general water amenities and inexpensive local transportation.

Yet what is a nomad –it’s a having no permanent dwelling, to travel from place to another to find a source of food–.

These spatial elements mentioned earlier can be reformed by the nomad, the street – to ask for loose change or learn from, the corner – to get food from a cart, the park – a place to seek shelter at night, the stall – a place to clean up after themselves or the vehicle – to move around from one region to another.
By comparing these two states of being, homeless and nomad, there are similarities between them, the requirement of shelter, the allocation of a temporary job needed for income, to create a source of food, to move around the land. Cities with their betterment and advances are creating more hospitable urban spaces, being used by purposes unintended by their designers.

So to say for now, Homelessness is the nomadic tribe of the 21st century.


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