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Competition Brief

OSC; Outdoor Sculptures Competition, commissioned by the Amiri Diwan of Kuwait, YourAOK organized an international competition to involve the art and design community in designing public sculptures for AlShaheed Park.

Located on the periphery of one of Kuwait’s oldest and most historical ring-roads, the First, lies Al Shaheed Garden (Part of Kuwait’s urban plan, the Green belt on the first ring road was built to create the transition between the old city of Kuwait and the new expansion). With historical background that adds susbstantial value to it’s existence, a new project consisting of Landscaping and Architecture is currently being developed to host several amenities and outdoor facilities to serve the public.

As part of the project being developed, the idea of introducing sculptures throughout, that vary in size and function was proposed. Sculptures are to be designed and introduced through a competition for selected international and local artists/sculpturists.

The competition scope is to add several types of sculptures throughout Al Shaheed Garden; some of which act like monuments, others interactive/performative, and some that merge both concepts.



The competition was an international open call for artists and designers to submit their concept design. Here are some statistics for the contestants

90+ Registered contestants
13+ Countries
30+ Selected Submissions
5 Selected Winners

Kuwait, France, Singapore, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Syria, Australia, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates,



There were two jury panels that helped in choosing the winning art sculptures of Al-Shaheed Park. The first jury consisted of official representatives from different governmental entities along with the Amiri Diwan. A gallery for the first jury took place on the on 7th October 2013 at Al Seef palace.  The first jury made their votes to select 20 art sculptures entries based on their concept and form.

Later, another jury consisting of representatives of the Amiri Diwan and AlShaheed design team reviewed the selction based on the form, concept, durability, cost and time needed to build and deliver each sculpture to the site.  The jury made the decision to award five winners of the competition entries.


CBM.1368   Bader AlMansour // Sculpture: Freedom
CDQ.1350   Ahmad AlObaid // Sculpture: Map Abstraction
CMA.1330   KISR // Sculpture: The Pearl
CLN.1331    Liali Nijem // Sculpture: EVO, Progression in Stages
CMS.13011  Muneera AlSabah // Sculpture: Raising Our Sails



Sculpture Title: Freedom
Artist Name: Bader AlMansour
OSC Code: CBM.1368
Concept: To form the map of Kuwait using birds that can be visualised from the side view of the sculpture.



Sculpture Title: Map Abstraction
Artist Name: Ahmad AlObaid
OSC Code: CDQ.1350
Concept: Kuwait Map to be in segments which can be visible from a certain angle within the park.



Sculpture Title: The Pearl
Artist Name: KISR
OSC Code: CMA.1330
Concept: To utilise the environment by converting the solar energy into lighting grid flooring which reflects on the spherical mirror at night. During daytime the mirror will provide a clear reflection of the park surrounding.






Sculpture Title: EVO
Artist Name: Liali Nijem
OSC Code: CLN.1331
Concept: The  sculpture represents the progression throughout the history of the State of Kuwait, its development and continuation. The solid curvature wrapping the sculpture reflects the malignity and darkness of the Iraqi invasion during the progression peak of Kuwait.




Sculpture Title: Raising Our Sails
Artist Name: Muneera AlSabah
OSC Code: CMS.13011
Concept: The concept of this sculpture is inspired by our grandfathers raising the sails of their dhows to charter into unknown territories for the prosperity and development of Kuwait. They left us with a legacy of faith, hard team work and dedication. We now must Raise Our Sails once again and charter into the journey of progress, development, and newfound prosperity for our beloved country. Using materials that symbolize the iconic Dhow and using modern lines and form for this sculpture, I have intended to blend, symbolically, the values and traditions inherited with the new wave of knowledge and modernity found in the young professionals of Kuwait. The sculpture represents hope, tradition, determination, power, and a bright future.





YourAOK would like to thank the Amiri Diwan for giving the opportunity to artists and  designers in participating in this competition. We look forward to seeing  the new Shaheed Park development and to seeing OSC sculptures on site!

We would like also to thank every participant who submitted their entry for OSC competition.
Wishing you all the best in your creative career!

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