On Becoming a Freelance Designer & Artist: Here’s How

Rakan Jandali is a 3D Digital Artist Born in Hims, Syria. Rakan Worked as a 3D Visual Artist/Designer and is currently head of the Visual Department at KCA International Designers– Dubai,UAE.Rakan formed a passion to digital art since his early years, and started to attend courses to learn 2D /3D Software, while also grasping the chance to learn from different artists around the world who have a passion in sharing Knowledge in Digital Art & Architectural Visualization. Although Rakan has a full time job, he still takes on freelancing opportunities. http://www.youraok.net/rakanjandali/


Being a successful Digital Artist/Designer requires a lot of work and serious commitment, to put it mildly. Let me say it will never be easy at the beginning, you have to face some highs and lows until you learn from your own mistakes. Here, however, are a few tips to get you started.



Image Above: Copyright Rakan Jandali

1.  To make it in this business and to get international or regional recognition
you at least need to have the Basic Fundamental Knowledge, and to know how things work in the real world; this is a common mistake that all beginners make – the lack in understanding basic fundamental knowledge in business and design

2. Never give up
I have had a couple of friends who are talented but they didn’t get the success they were looking for, so they simply gave up.

You have to be patient, don’t give up.

Success is always about the quality of your work, always try to get your work criticized by some of the big names in the field you are in, it goes a long way in helping your career. Simply see who is the best in the art or design field you are in, get in touch, and get them to look at your work to give you their professional opinion.

3. Learn from the best!

You have to get in touch with your fellow artist / designers, communicate with them, share your work and also share their work, as Networking is the key to get yourself some attention and to be recognized among others.

When you share other artists work they’ll do the same with you; it’s an added plus that you’ll also make new friends along the way.

Look for some interesting artists in your city connect with them; always attend events for creative artists in your region.

4. Work on your image & your character

The same thing applies to advertising your work, try to work on your own online portfolio that showcases your work, try different websites and forums that could help you in promoting yourself and your work, websites such as Behance or YourAOK; not to mention Facebook ,Linked in, and Twitter.

You have to work on your image as a creative perofessional.

That also includes the way you look and how you deal with clients .

Join these networks and get recognized!

5. Remember: Connect connect connect, Plus Network network network!

6. Be smart

Don’t get too excited when you meet with clients, control yourself, be serious, and show how professional you are. Another thing is to try to be fun to work with, it’s all about the way you present your self. Also communicating clearly with clients is a must. Meet your deadlines, give that extra touch to your work, and get your own recognized touch on your work.

7. Avoid unpleasant working situations.

Contract: the first issue you have to consider after being assigned to a job is to getting the contract in order to avoid unforseen issues. Remember never start work on any project before you get your contract signed by your client.

8. Remember your payment conditions.

All clients want the best quality for their job, but they are not always willing to pay good money for it, I find this a bit funny. Always get your advanced payment which is usually 50% of the total amount, this ofcourse should be also mentioned in your contract and discussed with the client.

9. Never forget to copyright your work.

Always protect your work, there are people out there who are willing to use other artists quality work to promote themselves – this is a serious issue that unfortunately we cannot control! You have to have your own Watermark : a logo with your contact details.

That’s how you show how professional you are.

You need to consider that to be successful in your indusrty you need to show work that portrays:

  • Good Observation
  • Resources
  • Improving your skills as there is always room for improvement, even if you think you are the best at what you do.
  • Be organized and don’t waste time
  • Practice Practice Practice
  • Music and Sports
  • Healthy life style
  • Recharge your Batteries

10. Take A Break

Yes – a break! It is as important as working hard, always reward yourself after doing a good recognizable job.

Have fun, travel, go to places you love, be around people you love and get inspired for your next big project.


A personal note:

I’d like to thank yourAOK For giving me the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on how to make it in the field of Digital ART.


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3 Responses to "On Becoming a Freelance Designer & Artist: Here’s How"

  1. mike
    mike 4 years ago .Reply

    very nice article well done

  2. hitendra
    hitendra 4 years ago .Reply

    good tips, lot of people know about these points, but never recognize their importance and very rarely introduce it to their day to day scheduling.
    i suggest that every artist should make monthly or weekly schedule and give time to all other activities including work.

  3. Rakan
    Rakan 4 years ago .Reply

    thanks guys ! 🙂