Many upcoming artists and designers have neither a way to objectively judge the quality of their work nor an efficient way to monetize it. The people who most often critique them are either family or friends, whose opinions are more subjective due to the nature of their relationship. Some creatives also feel that their work is not up-to-par, not at a level they would like it to be, so they choose not to publish it. In-fact, even the greatest artists of all time have been found to have extensive collections that were never released to the public. This black hole of art and opinion leads to many artists not realizing their full potential. Art and design ARE subjective and therefore exposing ones work to the greatest number of people would lead to the greatest possibility of finding someone with matching tastes, while in the meantime also getting the most honest feedback from the overall audience. YourAOK’s platform is designed to bring this black hole to the light by helping expose and promote artists and designers.

The idea behind platform is to empower the creative community by allowing them to be their own boss, gallery curator, and salesperson and to simplify this process so that everyone can take part. By giving creatives an opportunity to display their work online and network with other community members yourAOK hopes to discover, encourage, and empower the talent that resides in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The idea of the platform occurred to the owners as up-and-coming designers/artists looking for an efficient way to display their work and get hired. In their case, they wanted a way to gain exposure to private home-builders in the hopes of getting hired as a freelancer. As the idea developed it then expanded to include artists and product designers as well. By having a community of artists and designers it would create a one-stop-shop for anyone working on a new project. This community would fulfil various needs, from helping someone find an architect or interior designer, to finding specific pieces such as furniture, light fixtures, and artwork. The community would be self promoting because any member sharing their uploads would in turn be exposing their fellow artists to more views.

As they embarked on the mission of creating /Platform they realized that such a unique concept can greatly assist individual creatives and promote entrepreneurship. By simplifying the procedure needed to help someone open an online store and streamlining the payment and delivery aspects, creatives would require a lot less effort to start monetizing their creativity. Now anyone can have access to world class payment and delivery systems, without the associated legal and technical challenges of setting up such systems, and at little to no cost.

By making these tools available to individuals and allowing them to take control of their own business, whether they provide a service or a product, yourAOK hopes that /Platform will perfectly complement /Pages and /Profession in reviving the thirst for creativity and the importance of appreciation for design to help create a more beautiful and profitable environment throughout the MENA region.

How to apply for a store? check out the following file: