Illustration & Graffiti: What We Overlook

We often push for the need to improve creative output – through workshops, communication, networking, sharing and exchanging ideas, and most importantly – by providing constructive criticism this all can aid in such improvement.

Currently, yourAOK is conducting a workshop in collaboration with Moe relating to illustration & graffiti – providing students and our audience with an understanding of what is dubbed as “street art”. What is often overlooked is the discipline behind an art that is often described as “having no rules”; and the magnificent results that are duely founded by having no such rules, yet nonetheless, still applying discipline with the movement and techniques of your hands while getting creative on the wall you tag. Since we have been on the topic for the past two weeks with the workshop, this interesting piece on a graffiti wall in Beirut was found in perfect timing.




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Sahar Ghazale is interior architect from Lebanon yet currently residing in Kuwait (since Aug 2008). With 14 years experience in the field and a passion for all that contributes to enhancing our lifestyle and adding beauty to our everyday experiences. In her blog Sahar posts about design related topics including architecture, professional experiences, art, eco-friendly concepts, luxury items & fashion.