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Meet yourAOK.net: a Network that Ties Creative Talent, Design Firms, & Product Suppliers

yourAOK.net is a online platform aimed at creative professionals, design firms, and home owners. It’s mission is to simplify communication between various stakeholders involved in the industry with a variety of services. First, it offers creative professionals, design firms, and product suppliers access to a rich multimedia platform with digital portfolios that they can browse to hire artists, photographers, or designers. Companies also have the ability to scout and hire employees based on their portfolio. Thirdly, individual talents can refer to their digital profiles and improve upon their work based on the many networking features yourAOK offers.

“YourAOK was an idea that was built over time, we first started off with the blog, AOK (archofkuwait.com), which we used as a portal to understand the market and raise awareness on architecture & design.” – Ruba AlSaleh, Managing Director

The name, much like the platform, evolved over time. Initially a blog, called archofkuwait.com – short for architects of Kuwait – the URL took its new form, yourAOK.net, which blends the initials of its predecessor and plays on the words of the saying and hand gesture ‘a-ok’. The initial blog was called so because the four founders, all architecture graduates, conceived it with Kuwait’s architects as its niche target. Currently, Ruba serves as Managing director, Abdulaziz Al Kandari is the Information Director, Alia Al Azzeh is the Communication Director, and Mohammed Al Roumi is the Financial Director.

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