Benchmark 14 Forum

On January 18, 2014 yourAOK Creatives Network organised the first Design Entrepreneurship Forum in the Middle East & North Africa. Held in Kuwait, under the hashtag #yourbenchmark, the forum brought together the best business minds and designers of the region at CAP Warehouse to bridge the gap between design and business. With speakers ranging from Design Days Dubai Director Cyril Zammit to renowned Events Planner Bibi Hayat, Product Designer Khalid Shafar, as well as CEO of Mohammed Jafar, and the star-studded list goes on, the forum proved a success. The entire experience at Benchmark from start to finish focused on young entrepreneurs and their capabilities; even the food at the forum was serviced by up-and-coming restauranteurs with local concepts. Estimating around 70 attendees before the event, Benchmark was a success with over 200 attendees, while accommodating over 60 on spot registered attendees. Take a look below for some photos of the forum – soon, more will follow. Keep a look out for Benchmark 2015! See you there!

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