Basics of Archviz with 3ds Max and Vray

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Basics of Archviz with 3ds Max and Vray

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8th of November – 19th of November 2015



10 Days (20 hrs.)



6:30pm – 8:30pm



yourAOK Hub



Shahid Akhtar Qalandar

Fariha Ehsan


Shahid Akhtar Qalandar sample work






Maximum number of participants

15 Participants


Workshop Fees

KD 150 (10% Discount for Students)


Requirements for registration

  • Laptop with Windows OS
  • Mac Laptop with Bootcamp (Windows OS)
  • Basic understanding of Photoshop
  • 3ds Max 2014 and Vray 3.0 (or Latest)


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Instructors Bio


Shahid Akhtar

My passion for art, both interior designing and music has evolved and enriched with time. Armed with knowledge, have studied design from one of the best art institutes in Pakistan known as Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture, Karachi. By profession working as an interior designer and 3D visualizer in Kuwait for a leading consulting firm, a place which reflects diversity in origins, cultures, and styles that varies between Middle East and expatriates from various countries around the world. This leads to better understanding of scale, proportion and design; hence developing fresh harmonious residential and commercial designs. In my career of 7 years with Interior Design, 3D Visualizations, Custom Furniture Designing, Sculptures, sketching and calligraphy; I have enjoyed delivering on the promise of quality and commitment with diverse scale of projects and clients.


Fariha Ehsan

With over 4 years of experience in the architectural industry, I have exceptional skills, experience in planning, detailing & designing. I am skilled in AutoCAD, 3dmax (Vray), Revit, Photoshop, Sketchup, Animation etc.

My diverse background in architecture, allows me to design contemporary architecture with traditional cultural fusion. I strive to generate sustainable architecture, having deep roots and experience in designing basic sustainable elements leading to a successful compound green building.


Workshop Description


Day 1: Interface & Objects

  • Interface
  • Viewports
  • Command Panel
  • Simple geometry and it’s modification
  • Units setup

Day 2: Compound objects

  • Cloning objects
  • Booleans
  • Using other compound objects

Day 3: Applying Modifiers

  • Loft – lathe – bevel – extrude
  • Using some other modifiers
  • Camera settings

Day 4: Shapes and Splines

  • Basic lines and shapes
  • Editing spline
  • Segmenting and creating vertex in spline

Day 5: Plans and elevations

  • Importing plans and elevations
  • Creating 3D model

Day 6: Materials

  • Introduction to materials
  • Material editor
  • Material Types

Day 7: Introduction to Vray for 3dMax

  • Vray Rendering settings
  • Vray Materials
  • Vray Physical camera

Day 8: Vray lighting

  • Vray Photometric lights
  • Cove lights

Day 9: Vray (continued)

  • Vray sun
  • Vray fur

Day 10: Photoshop post production

  • Photoshop post production technique


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